Project Features
Where We Are, Where We're Going

Where We Are, Where We're Going

I'm excited to present this first version of the Database! I have a host of features that I'm hoping to roll out in stages.

Current Features of the FREE System

The current version that you're seeing is the free version that I plan on keeping available to all. One of the main features left to be implemented include the ability to share playlists.

Note about outlines and Q&A

Roman Numeral Outlines and Q&A are created by AI based on my transcripts. Improving this process is a difficult journey. Language Models are advanced databases of information. To generate text, they search the available information. Large Language Models are trained on vast amounts of internet data, including information from different traditions and perspectives. The key to getting an AI to generate text from a specific perspective is to provide it with your own database and prioritize your data over its pretrained data. This can be quite challenging. These summaries accurately focus on my teaching, but the video itself should be considered the main source of information. One interesting discovery was that an AI doesn't recognize that Pastor So and So is "satire" and thus treats his content seriously!

Upcoming Features

The next version, has all of the above-mentioned items structured in a very advanced database, which will allow users to:

The next version will really be a cutting edge application. It will be unique not only in terms of the technology but most importantly, materials related to this perspective are very rare.

Again, if you use this free and benefit I hope you'll consider that it has cost me quite a lot of money to produce and host (and I'm thankful to a couple of very generous contributors who made it possible) not to mention literally thousands of hours of time and learning to create. The full featured version will require a monthly subscription with a small fee to use because of the costs. Currently, a monthly subscription fee is $10. Depending on cost of rollout and usage patterns that could increase slightly for full access to the database. However, I'm working on ways to reduce costs.

Screenshot of the New System:

Roadmap Image