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Got a Question? Ask a Book!

Check out the Reading Room. Eliezar is back in a new testing capacity, where his answers are limited to my books until I can get the resources together to finetune system on my content. In the reading room, though you can ask questions and sections of my books will popup for you. It is the next step in putting this system together and I really believe people will benefit greatly from it!

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new improvements

- Stability, lots of Questions and answers and the Devotional is now online. This initial version is the result of a year of dedicated work and significant financial investment, with more advanced versions in the pipeline.

Features:2600 teachings are organized into theological categories with a unique video organization that focuses on the most important topics that we cover.

Natural language questions which will return recommendations based on what I've taught.

Advanced features are under development, aiming to provide recommendations from my books and text-based answers to your inquiries.

Visit the Roadmap to learn more.


Expect occasional hiccups with this new technology as I release updates gradually! I need to see how users engage with it and what kinds of questions you ask to finetune accuracy. Your support through monthly subscriptions helps make this unique content accessible to a wider audience. Thank you for your patience and generosity.